Western Image Beauty Salon Facial will groom up your face at extremely friendly rates. Our wide types of facial suitable for different skins serves as a complete skin cleansing and beautifying. Our facials will treat you with steam, exfoliation, creams and lotions, masks, peels and face massages.

Western Image Beauty facial methods and techniques will give you beauty treatment as well enhance health of your skin. Our thoughtful use of appropriate creams and gels will make your face glow without doing any harm to your precious skin. Specific skin conditions are taken care of by our experts. Your individual skin problems will also be treated with this method.

If you are looking for a budget friendly beauty salon offering great variety of facial treatment, Western Image is the best place. Now you can pamper your skin and give it radiance with amazing kind of face packs right from a simple one to Chocolate, Fruit pack, Aroma and VLCC.

What is Facial?

Facials are beauty treatment for your face which rejuvenate and revives skin. It is mainly done to make the skin radiant, reduce blemishes, wrinkles and acnes. Type of best facial for any skin may vary from person to person.

Western Image Beauty professionals understand every skin and treat them with the best suitable facial packs and massage. The procedure largely removes the dead layers of skin cells and thus revives skin. The massage part improves blood circulation and add radiance to the skin and delays wrinkles. This treatment also reduces other common skin problems like dark spots, blackheads and acnes. It is complete clarifying procedure for your skin to make it beautiful and healthy.

No matter whether you need a quick normal one or a lavish Fruit or Aroma or kaya kalap; we have it all. You will get wide variety of face pack services with different price range and different treatments. Be it any type of face treatment, you will surely enjoy the services of our team.

Types of Facial at Western Image Beauty Salon

Check out the types of Facial Services available at our beauty Salon

1. Simple
2. Aroma Pearl
3. Fruit Facial
4. Chocolate Facial
5. Aroma Diamond
6. Aroma Magic
7. Whine Facial
8. Kaya Kalap
9. Lotus Whitening
10. O3 + Facial
11. Cheryl
12. Chocolate (Kaya Kalap)
13. VLCC

Each of our Facial type treats you differently but with same professional and premium quality treatment. Our products applied for the process include premium quality branded products as well rich naturals and herbals. We at Western Image, also offer other special skin treatments for Pigmentation, open pores, under eye dark circles and acne.